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Masterful Jewelry Services in Aurora

As professional jewelers with years of experience, we understand the attention to detail essential to maintaining, repairing, restoring, or reimagining a piece of fine jewelry.

At Jeffery B Jewelers, we take pride in every jewelry repair in our Aurora store. With the utmost care and quality, our Gemological Institute of America trained gemologist has many years of experience and extensive training. Our passionate gemologist in our Aurora store has a rich knowledge of fine jewelry, gemstones and the proper care they deserve.


How often should jewelry receive professional maintenance?

We advise responsible owners of fine jewelry to bring their pieces in for the professional care works of wearable art deserve on a regular basis. Our gemologist in Aurora advises that frequently loved jewelry should receive professional maintenance annually for two key reasons.

Where do you get jewelry repaired in Aurora, reliably?

Jeffery B Jewelers offers a full range of guaranteed services for jewelry repair in Aurora. Who do you trust to care for your irreplaceable pieces?

Does your ring fit?

Do you have an engagement ring, wedding ring, an heirloom ring or a gifted ring that doesn’t quite fit? Rings of slightly the wrong size are not only maddeningly uncomfortable, they are easily lost.

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Where can you get GIA Certified Jewelry Appraisal in Aurora?

The most widely recognized gemological credential is the Graduate Gemologist diploma from the Gemological Institute of America. You can tell someone has received this credential by the professional suffix “GG.” Learn more about when to get a qualified appraisal below.


Need a watch battery or watch repair in Aurora?

Elegance is effortless for men and women with remarkable timepieces. How long has yours been in a drawer due to needing a battery or another watch repair?

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