Aurora Jewelry Appraisal

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What should you do before you get a jewelry appraisal?

Collate old appraisal documentation, any sales receipts you may have or any other certificates of ownership or paperwork. If no such documentation exists, don’t worry—aside from rare instances of celebrity ownership, we’ll know all we need to know to determine an accurate valuation from looking at the piece directly.

Of course, it’s a good idea to get a professional jewelry appraisal of your family’s finest pieces. But what are the circumstances under which you’ll schedule the appointment to get one? And If you’ve gotten a jewelry appraisal before, when should you get another one?

Before you come in to get a jewelry appraisal in our Aurora storefront, know what questions you’re wanting to ask. “What is the piece worth?” is the ultimate goal, but not the purpose for the jewelry appraisal. Do you need to know the exact value for a new insurance policy, for example?

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When and why should you get a jewelry appraisal?

When you’re purchasing Homeowners Insurance, you’ll need to know the exact value of your belongings as well as have official documentation to protect the items in the unfortunate event that you may ever need to file a claim on them. Many Homeowners Insurance Policies require a Valuable Items Endorsement, or in the case of especially valuable collections, may necessitate a separate insurance policy.

Recent appraisals are much more likely than older appraisals to be seen as valid by insurance companies in the instance that a claim is disputed. Value fluctuates with changing metals market prices and the fashionableness of certain styles.

What appraisal services do we offer?

Jeffery B Jewelers offers gemological authentication/identification, diamond grading, condition valuation, and metals assay. We can provide written documentation, photographs, and technical descriptions in our Value Conclusions to help protect your pieces and thoroughly understand their value.

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Who is our appraiser?

The most widely recognized gemological credential is the Graduate Gemologist diploma from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). You can tell someone has received this credential by the professional suffix “GG.”

Leslie Bolling, GG is such a Graduate Gemologist, having received her certification from GIA. A passionate gemologist, wife of jeweler Jeffery B and the co-owner of Jeffery B Jewelers, Leslie is the exact caliber of highly qualified professional you’d want on your team to write the Value Conclusion for your piece.