Aurora Jewelry Repair

Jewelry Maintenance and Jewelry Repair

Jeffery B Jewelers offers guaranteed services for jewelry repair in Aurora. Who do you trust to maintain and repair your irreplaceable jewels? Since we are a family of jewelers, we understand the sentimental value of jewelry very well and put forth the utmost skill and care into every jewelry repair and maintenance appointment, as though each piece were a part of our family’s collection.

Jewelry Repair in Aurora

Some of our most common jewelry repair services include:

  • Pearl restringing
  • Necklace repair
  • Necklace chain repair
  • Bracelet repair
  • Nacklace clasp replacement
  • Bracelet clasp replacement
  • Jewelery mounting
  • Ring sizing
  • Stone replacement

How often should jewelry be professionally maintained?

We advise responsible owners of fine jewelry to bring their pieces in for the professional care works of wearable art deserve on a regular basis. Our gemologist in Aurora advises frequently worn jewelry receive professional maintenance annually (once yearly) for two major reasons:

1. Protected Prongs = Protected Gems

The most important reason for jewelry maintenance is to ensure the prongs which keep gems safe in their settings haven’t come loose. This can happen for a multitude of reasons which are no fault of the jewelry owner as a result of continuous normal wear.

2. Professional Polishing Shines Brighter

Another huge reason for annual professional jewelry maintenance is to be sure jewelry maintains its original luster so that it may be admired by generations to follow. Home cleaning solutions are hit and miss and home ultrasonic cleaners can loosen stones. Why DIY such an expensive item when Jeffery B has the knowledge and experience to ensure your piece will be in better condition?

Our Jewelry maintenance services include:

  • Prong testing for gem security
  • Professional jewelry cleaning
  • Professional jewelry polishing
  • Rhodium plating