Aurora Jewelry Restoration

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Breathe New Life Into Old Pieces

Love the gems in your grandmother’s fine brooch collection but not the brooches they’re set in? Bring in the pieces you can’t quite find a way to wear and Jeffery B would love to help reimagine the pieces into something new and noteworthy, backed by a sentimental story.

Many heirloom pieces in antiquated styles put heirs in an uncomfortable position: pieces sit around or are unsettling to sell. Our jewelry designers and their 3D CAD technology will make it possible to visualize your old jewelry and gemstones to create an entirely new design before work on the project even begins.

Together, we can create a beautiful piece of custom jewelry from out of date pieces, allowing a contemporary piece to be passed on to the next.

What does it mean to have jewelry restored?

Jewelry restoration is very similar to professional jewelry maintenance Several technical steps must take place with the goal of bringing each piece as close as possible to its original condition. Some of the processes are used to restore jewelry including cleaning, polishing, replacing lost stones, repairing chipped diamonds and gemstones, repairing broken and worn prongs, thickening bezel walls, fixing bent shanks, replacing worn or broken shanks, engraving, applying filigree or millegraining or even removing incorrect “repairs” and poorly performed solder seams.

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What is Rhodium Plating?

By coating a fine layer of rhodium over white gold, platinum, and silver rings, Jeffery B can increase durability and shine. Rhodium plating is not permanent and has only a positive impact on the look of your pieces.

Since plating isn’t permanent, how often do pieces need to be replated? For example, earrings may retain plating for years, but a wedding ring may require replating in less than 2 years. No appointment is needed for rhodium plating.