Aurora Watch Repair

Need a watch battery or watch repair in Aurora?

Elegance is effortless for men and women with remarkable timepieces. How long has yours been in a drawer due to needing a battery or another watch repair? Let us help give your watch the care and attention it deserves so it can fulfill its function by stating the time (and your stylishness) on your arm.

Specialists in Rolex Repair in Aurora

Who do you trust in the Denver metro to service your Rolex? Look no further than Jeffrey B Jewelers. Deeply knowledgeable and experienced in the finest inner workings of these gorgeous machines, Jeffery B and its highly qualified staff are the exact people you should trust with such precious items.

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Who leads every watch repair in our Aurora shop?

Our in-house watchmaker is not only a superb craftsman, he is also a horology school graduate. Christian Bolling is the son of our lead jewelry designer and our certified gemologist and takes great pride and pleasure in his craft. Know that every watch repaired at Jeffery B is treated with the same precious care and reverence whether it’s an intergenerational heirloom or the new latest style of Rolex.