May ushers in the spring flowers and celebrations honoring the women in our lives. Many women have sacrificed to raise a child, grandchild or sibling.  We have mother figures in our community who take an active roll in our development.  Our favorite teacher influences our choices and the many mother figures on television capture our attention. Mother's Day is the third-largest card sending holiday in the United States and the second most popular gift giving holiday.  ..

The earliest history of Mother’s Day dates back to the ancient annual spring festival, the Greeks dedicated to maternal goddesses.  Ancient Romans celebrated a spring festival called Hilaria dedicated to Cybele, a mother goddess. Early Christians also celebrated a Mother’s Day of sorts during the festival on the fourth Sunday of Lent in honor of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ.  In England, it was expanded to include all mothers; it was then called Mothering Sunday.

Celebrate mother in May with a gift of diamonds….

Buying diamonds conveys the depth of your appreciation for the Mother in your life.  For millions of people around the world, the mystery and magic, the beauty shining out from a single solitaire says all the heart feels but words can not express.  At Jeffery B Jewelers, we celebrate women and their accomplishments every single day. We design special pieces to reflect their individuality and we purchase from artisans with a special woman in mind.  During the month of May, we salute the women in your lives and encourage you to stop in and see how we can help you make them feel extra special.

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