It seems today there is less emphasis on Easter bonnets, stuffed bunnies and dyed eggs...and rightly so. The religious significance of this holiday is so much more important. Some churches even use the term "Resurrection Sunday" instead of Easter. The most widely used symbol for the Christian faith (and Easter) is the cross.

Jeffery B designed the "Believers Cross," because as the son of a Baptist minister, he was taught to "believe" in the promises of God. It is wonderfully modern and ranges from elegantly simple to opulently set with seven stones. The seven stones represent God's perfection, sovereignty and holiness. The sweeping curve symbolizes life's journey.

This year customers gave that special someone the beautiful "Believers Cross" as a lasting expression of their love.   Jeffery B. Jewelers will happily craft a cross to your specifications, with the gemstones or diamonds of your choosing; and a scripture engraved on the side.

Easter may be over, but the "Believers Cross" is a gift that keeps on giving!

Easter Cross

Jeffery B Jewelers